Vision to Provide Quality Education

Education is the foundation on which we build tomorrow and our focus is to build diversity and excellence into the educational system such that every challenge ahead is met with confidence.We believe that education empowers the individual and benefits the society. Swami Vivekananda defines the education as 'the manifestation of the perfection already in man'. We have a vision to provide quality education which will inculcate the values among our students which are essential to compete in today's business world.

We will put the learner at the heart of everything we do, raise expectations and work together with mutual respect for education is our future.

Dr.Prabhakar Kore
Honorable chairman,
KLE Society Belgavi

About KLE

When seven blessed teachers fondly called "Saptarishis" founded the K.L.E. Society in 1916, they meant to create an educational institution to provide basic literacy to the children of the farming community who were deprived of this basic right. Perhaps, they never imagined what they resolved to create would one day emerge as an educational empire of 216 institutions of exceptional quality that all other institutions in the country would be judged against it.

The K.L.E. achieved success, although success did not come so easily. Financial constraints, bitter criticism and humiliations from their adversaries had to be endured. But the resolute Saptarishis pursued their vision unswervingly, shrewdly harnessing the noble souls and the philanthropic hands of the leaders of the community while fighting against the gloomy conditions of the British Rule.

We will put the learner at the heart of everything we do, raise expectations and work together with mutual respect for education is our future.

Their priceless legacy is a World-Class-Leader of quality education in almost all spheres of human knowledge, notably in Medicine, Engineering, Dental Sciences, Pharmacy, Management , Law, Fashion Designing, Hotel Management, IT, Arts, Science, Commerce and so on, today.

Democratic management, scientific approach in administration endeared the members of the trust, general public and the government too. Transparency in financial and resource management is the envying feature of KLE. .

The unbelievable growth of an amazing magnitude, catapulting it to over 210 institutions from only 38 institutions in 1984, under the unrivalled leadership of Dr. Prabhakar Kore, rewrites the history of the K.L.E. Society creating excitement among the educationalists world-wide. It has, in fact, baffled the management experts as to the skills and theory with which he carved an educational empire not only of global stature but also of global excellence.

Taking health care services to the door steps of the poor, needy and downtrodden people through 1820 beds K.L.E s Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital and MRC, Belgaum, including a free treatment in excess of 500 patients, is a gift of K.L.E. to the people in this part of country.

The annexes of the hospital have zeroed in on to the needs of the people. This unexpected service, besides winning the hearts of the people, has also brought divine status to the K.L.E. Society Collaborations and MOU's with a few nations across world have opened channels of western benefits to our students, teachers and other beneficiaries alike, proportionally. It has offered our country's expertise to other nations in appreciable quantity.

With global acceptance, and in house co-ordination and total quality management, the KLE stands singularly unique.

KLE is a unique organization managed with the selfless motto in the service of the people in unique ways.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision :

Our vision is to develop outstanding business graduates with human values , who can contribute to shape the future of economy and make outstanding contribution to society at large

Our Mission :

We aspire to be a role model in modern management education by providing quality training, counselling and research to groom multifaceted talent and develop cutting edge competitive attitude to face the competitive business world.

Our Philosophy :

We strongly believe in ...

Give a man a fish..

Teach a man to fish,

you feed him for life..

Principal's Message...

Management is about motivating people

My passion for teaching is a quantum jump from corporate world to education world channelizing my experience and expertism My 9 years experience in operations and client servicing in the financial services sector has enhanced my teaching skill. The knowledge acquired over their has helped to imbibe the knowledge to my students.

My reading ability and getting to know about the things related to subjects I teach and my ability to understand the things deeply has helped me to clear my KSET (Karnataka State Eligibility Test) for Lecturership.

  • And the same quality has driven me to pursue my Ph.D in Management, Finance Stream from Rani Channamma University, Belagavi.

    My inclination for financial market has made pursue myself as a ‘Financial Education Resource Person’ by (SEBI)Securities Exchange Board of India and (NISM)National Institute of Securities Market. along with

  • NSE’s Certification of Financial Markets in the following modules:
    - NSDL-Depository Operations Module.
    - Derivatives Core Module.
    - Commodities Market Module.
    - Capital Market (Dealers) Module.
    - Securities Market (Basic) Module.
    - Corporate Governance Module
    along with
    - AMFI Mutual Fund (Advisors) Module.

After I took up the onus of Placement officer, for the past 5 years it taught me the ground realities of things you need to have in you as a professional. I realized that there is a shortage of professional qualities in the students. But, the ensuing next five years made me understand the profession and the students at large. I started understanding that every student entering the graduation had some definite skill sets, but each one was different. It made me realize that you cannot stereotype on an ideal student. We as a team started trying to understand as to what is management education. It was very easy to define management but equally difficult to teach. I had my own questions to be answered. Several factors helped me answer my queries.

Firstly, my corporate experience.

Secondly my observations about the dynamic corporate world, Thirdly the inputs of real world requirements from the recruiters who were a part of the campus drive. These executives had very little good to say about the graduates. After being in this profession for long years I realized that they were absolutely right. The students lacked the life skills/soft skills. The biggest question was how to develop these life skills in a span of 3years, which students deposit in the Institute. After 20 years of work experience here was the time to make myself understand what are those life skills and soft skills. In order to be upfront professional you need to have the following set of attributes along with the strong academic background.

  • a. Street smartness
  • b. Common sense
  • c. Group ethics
  • d. Social skills
  • e. Adaptability to changes
  • f. Social responsibilities
  • g. Quick decision making
  • h. Trouble shooting

My question was can these skills be taught in a classroom? We need to understand that we work in the world that is best described as VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambitious). Our corporations today need not just managers but leaders at all levels. To hunt for such leaders, they look upon institutes like KLE CBA who equip higher level of understanding about complex aspects of business.

Due to this we prepare our students as per the requirements of the changing corporate world. And equip our students with Certifications as per corporate requirement which are provided in this institute.

Prof. Shobha B Kyatanavar


My understanding of the present Business scenario made me realize that any institute will remain mediocre in case it relies only on the bookish knowledge. It is equally true that every student is unique and is blessed with different skill set. . We at KLE CBA started believing in nurturing the aspirations along with teaching the life skills and make them very good in soft skills. One may wonder how we achieve this. We started working on how we make students spend quality time in the Institute. We have been achieving this through making them conceptualize, build teams and execute plans through organizing the innovative mega events like Aavishkar, Samhiti, Prayaas, Sargame –E-Azaadi, Mom’s day out, Marathon, Bullet expedition, Auto expo, Management fests and many more. Over the years I realized one thing: in modern time education you can never be able to play role of a teacher but you can always play the role of facilitator and mentor. While students conceptualize on executing the major events through brain storming we keep mentoring them.

Through the tenure of my profession in different roles as a lecturer, Placement officer, Academic forum head, Exam Coordinator, Cultural forum head, Academic coordinator and as a Principal, I have been witnessing wonderful things achieved by our students as CA’s, Media correspondents DJ,s, Photographers’, Company secretaries, Painters first generation entrepreneurs and so on..... I feel proud that institute is living upto the expectation of many corporate houses who look up for their requirements.

With this I can propagate that Management education is such a course which does not necessarily mean that you should land up in some business concern. Management education goes beyond all this. It always nurtures the talent and aspirations and it aims at teaching life skills along with good soft skills. If every student realizes the aspirations in him and the passion he is being following, this course converts it into his profession. I would like to sign off by saying.

"Lucky people get opportunities, Brave people create opportunities, Winners convert problems into opportunities"

And we make winners in KLE Society's College of Business Administration, Hubballi.